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How technology has changed traditional B2B purchasing While the traditional sales process in B2B transactions has relied heavily on person-to-person interaction, three-quarters of modern-day B2B buyers don’t feel they require the same level of contact, thanks to the internet. Due to the increase in e-commerce sites and search engines like Google and Bing many customers […]

The Impact of Online Shopping in Cities The increase in online shopping for urbanites has been altering how the cities around them look and develop. From an increase in trucks on the road to recycling programs for the package waste, city planners have been adjusting their approach to incorporate the large number of e-commerce customers […]

Booming construction industry good news for Canadians Canada’s construction industry has been considered an indicator of how healthy the county’s overall economy is doing because it has such an impact on secondary industries. Government revenue, investments and the retail industry are all affected by what happens in the country’s construction industry. Now, with the industry […]

Long gone are the days of waving mercury-containing fluorescent tubes like lightsabers or throwing bulbs in the garbage once they’ve burned out. Properly managing mercury is a serious environmental issue, and there are several options to properly dispose of fluorescent bulbs and tubes that contain this hazardous material. When disposed of improperly, exposed mercury contaminates […]

For many in the trades getting a job done quicker can seem like an obstacle that cannot be overcome. Yet, efficiency on the job site and a more positive attitude at work go hand in hand and can be put into place with some easy and simple steps. In fact, the Harvard Business Review reported […]

As eCommerce continues to grow many retailers have been searching for ways to improve their sales online and attract new customers. Research has shown one of the best ways to reach new customers is to become a part of an online marketplace such as Amazon, eBay or Supply Expert. Studies have revealed that consumers shop […]

Keeping the work coming in and getting new customers can feel like a full time job for some contractors, not matter what industry you are in. Relying on referrals from friends and neighbours just doesn’t work anymore. These days, most people opt to go online and research a company instead of asking those they know […]

Getting qualified tradespeople to do the work in a home can be one of the most stressful time for homeowners. The risks of not having someone who is skilled in their trade include injuries, building damage and even death. Many homeowners prefer to do it themselves rather than hire someone who may or may not […]

When it comes to buying electrical or plumbing products and materials it may be tempting to look for the best deal but, it is very important that you ensure the items you are buying have a legitimate certification mark. The dangers of using material that has not meet industry standards can put you or others […]

Statistics have shown that online consumers prefer a marketplace experience over a merchant’s independent e-commerce site. Research has uncovered that these shoppers have been drawn to online marketplaces largely for the convenience, for being able to find a vast amount of items in one place and also for the ease of finding and comparing items […]