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Cordless power tools have been credited with improving the efficiency and speed with which contractors can complete the job. Since being introduced on the market they have become even more efficient and can offer similar speed and power as a corded power tool. Over the years, power tool manufacturers have been slimming down the design […]

As more and more customers look online for their purchasing needs there are still many in the plumbing industry that have not cultivated the e-commerce marketplace. With growing demand for plumbing services North American wholesalers have an opportunity to grow their customer base through e-commerce and mobile sales.   SNAPSHOT OF CANADIAN PLUMBING WHOLESALE MARKET […]

The electrical trade industry in Canada has been predicted to undergo some major changes in the coming years. Many of those currently working in the sector have been nearing retirement but there will not be enough younger workers to take over the work load and experts have been anticipating a labour shortage in the market. […]

North American has a booming construction and housing market, which is expected to keep growing. There is also a big demand for energy-efficient electricity products in the market. Combined with innovative technologies those in the electrical wholesale industry can expect customers’ demands to grow and change as well. SNAPSHOP OF NORTH AMERICAN INDUSTRY According to […]

Statistics have shown a dramatic increase in the number of Canadians shopping online yet there is a lack of presence from Canadian retailers when it comes to e-commerce offerings. While that has been changing in some interesting ways including in the click and collect or mobile options for consumers, the number of local shopping options […]

Research has shown that electrical wholesale consumers are underserved when it comes to online purchasing options. In an audit of the top 200 electrical wholesale websites, research organization Hybris found that nearly half of the sites didn’t have e-commerce options for customers. Executive vice president of sales in the Americas for Hybris, Steven Kramer, told […]