Siemens Plug-In Tandem 15A/15A 1-Pole Breaker

Supply Expert Inc


  • These space saver duplex breakers combine two independent 1/2 in breaker poles in a common unit
  • This unit plugs into one load center stab and requires one panel space
  • Siemens 2-pole duplex circuit breaker features high quality thermal magnetic case for extra protection
  • Circuit breaker has toggle type switch and offers long-time instantaneous functions to perform efficiently
  • Ideal to use in Siemens EQ, Ultimate, ITE and Gould load centers
  • Offers circuit limiting with rejection clip and uses plug-in mounting to hold firmly
  • Non-current limiting
  • 15 to 15 A current rating


Amperage Rating: 15Amp Voltage Rating: 120V Interrupt Rating: 10kA Frequency Rating: 60Hz Frame: QT Phase: 1 No. of Poles: 1 Trip Type: Thermal Magnetic SIEMENS CIRCUIT BREAKERS CATALOG