Honeywell 15A 240V Line Volt Slave Unit

Rana Electrical Supply

  • A floor heating area exceeding 15A is separated into zones, with a linked unit responsible for heating each zone.
  • All linked units are controlled by a master thermostat responsible for settings/programming of the entire floor.
  • No settings dial. Settings controlled by master means units can be installed anywhere
  • ON/STANBY switch enables unit's heating area to be shut down independently of other heating areas
  • Built-in GFCI/EGFPD with test light. No need to buy separate safety cutoff.
SPECIFICATIONS: Application: Electric Heating; Linked unit for radiant floor Dimensions (in.): 4.9 in. X 2.8 in. X 0.9 in. Dimensions (mm): 123 mm X 70 mm X 23 mm Used With: Aube TH114-AF-12VDC Master Thermostat, Aube TH115-AF-12VDC Master Thermostat Frequency: 60 Hz Operating Temperature Range (F): 32 F to 122 F Operating Temperature Range (C): 0 C to 50 C CT230-GB/U INSTALLATION GUIDE