Eaton 125Amp 60Amp 6/12CCT 120/240V Generator Panel

Vaughan Electrical Supply

The Manual Transfer Switch or Generator Panel allows the owner to start up a generator and restore power to pre-designated, critical circuits when utility power is not available. Suitable for residential and light commercial applications, they are a simple way to provide owners with a high level of safety and comfort.


  • Utility and generator breakers are mechanically interlocked to protect equipment and personnel.
  • Critical loads permanently connected to allow for quick and convenient switching from utility power to stand-by generator power.
  • Designed for switched neutral applications.
  • Sturdy and reliable 125A rated aluminum bus design.
  • EEMAC 1 indoor enclosure design.


Bus Rating: 125Amp Generator Breaker: 60Amp Switched Neutral: Yes Enclosure: EEMAC 1 Maximum Branch Circuits: 6/12 Bussing: Aluminum Bus EATON GENERATOR PANELS CATALOG