12/2 AC90 CUT

Supply Expert Inc

Copper building wire, aluminum, AC90 12/2. CSA, 600 V, 15 amp. Aluminum interlocking armored cable. Cross-linked polyethylene RW90 conductors with copper bonding wire for open and concealed wiring in dry locations only. For use in cable troughs and ventilated flexible cable ways in dry locations only.


Armour: Interlocking Aluminum Strip Conductors: Solid/Stranded Copper Conductor Insulation: RW90 XLPE Cable Assembly: Kraft Paper Wrap Dry Temperature Rating: 90°C (High) / -40°C (Low) Bonding Conductor: Solid/Stranded Bare Copper Maximum Voltage Rating: 600V Solid Bonding Conductor AWG: 14 Nominal Armour OD: 12.73 mm Approximate Weight: 159 kg AC90 12/2 TECHNICAL DATASHEET