12/4 AC90 CUT

Supply Expert Inc

Copper building wire, aluminum, AC90 12/4. CSA, 600 V, 15 amp. Aluminum interlocking armored cable. Cross-linked polyethylene RW90 conductors with copper bonding wire for open and concealed wiring in dry locations only.


Armour: Interlocking Aluminum Strip Conductors: Solid/Stranded Copper Cable Assembly: Kraft Paper Wrap Dry Temperature Rating: 90°C (High) / -40°C (Low) Bonding Conductor: Solid/Stranded Bare Copper Maximum Voltage Rating: 600V Solid Bonding Conductor AWG: 14 Nominal Armour OD: 15.39 mm Approximate Weight: 253 kg/km AC90 12/4 DATASHEET