Supply Expert Inc

Product Overview

 Used to open or close a circuit

 Non-fusible safety switches provide a means to manually connect or disconnect the load from the source

 Fusible safety switches provide a means to manually open and close a circuit and provide overcurrent protection by means of installed fuses

 Fusible switches certified for use as service entrance equipment (unless noted)

 Also commonly referred to as a disconnect switch or disconnect

 Available 200A

 All Padlockable

 Horsepower rated

 100% load break rated (unless noted)

 Non-Fusible switches are 100% continuous duty rated and fusible switches are 80% continuous duty rated per CSA C22.2 No.4 Standards and Certifications

 C22.2 No.4 File #69743

 C22.2 No.14 (Enclosed Rotary) File #162136

 Det Norske Veritas

 ISO 9001:2008

 CSA certified Class l, Div, 1 & 2, Groups B, C & D; Class ll, Div 1 & 2, Groups E, G & F; Class lll, Div 1 & 2, Zone 1, llB + H2 for NEMA 7/9.