Supply Expert Inc

  • Perfect for hallways or children’s bedrooms where the addition of a subtle wall nightlight provides comfort and visibility.
  • The adorne Accent Nightlight provides a warm, gentle light below any existing switch.
  • Leave your wall nightlight on or toggle through several level settings with just the tap of a finger.
  • The device attaches directly to the bottom of existing adorne light switches and dimmers, and is invisible once installed, making it a sleek addition day and night.
  • Time to install: 5 minutes or less.
  • Easily install the Accent Nightlight to the bottom of any adorne Switch or Dimmer; no additional hardware required.
  • Shop now to choose from dozens of finishes including a variety of luxurious metals, or order in your own custom finish.
  • The Accent Nightlight will not work with the Pop-Out Outlet.