BRK Hardwire Smoke and CO Alarm with Battery Backup

Supply Expert Inc

The BRK SC9120BA is a combination smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector designed to be hardwired to 120V electrical power, and can be interconnected with up to 12 smoke alarms, and up to 6 smoke/co combination alarms so all units will go in to alarm if any single unit is triggered. It also features a 9V battery backup so it continues to function if your building power fails temporarily.


Start Temperature: ( Min.) 40°F (4.4°C) Start Temperature (Max.) 100°F (38°C) Diameter: 5.6 in. Depth: 2" Warranty: 7-Year Weight: 0.6 lbs Voltage: 120V Sensor Type: Smoke and CO Color: White Additional Info: 9V Battery Backup BRK HARDWIRE SMOKE AND CO ALARM MANUAL