Eaton 100Amp 240V 2P Heavy Duty Non-Fusible Double Throw Switch

Vaughan Electrical Supply

Eaton's Heavy Duty Double Throw Safety Switches are designed for commercial and industrial applications, including service entrances.Used to manually transfer a load from one power source to an alternate source, or to connect a single source of power to either of two different loads.


  • 30–1200A
  • Horsepower rated
  • 2, 3, 4, 6 pole designs available
  • Enclosures type 1, 3R, 12, 4, painted steel and 4X stainless steel
  • 800–1200A fusible utilize common set of fuses; two Source 1 load applications
  • Fusible and non-fusible switches are 100% load break and 100% load make rated
  • Suitable for use on systems capable of delivering 100,000 rms symmetrical fault current when used with class J, R, or T fuses.
  • The handle operating mechanism actuates either the upper or lower switch. When the handle is in the centre position, both switches are OFF.
  • The handle and door are interlocked to keep the door closed when a switch is ON and hold the handle OFF when the door is open
  • The continuous load current of fusible switches is not to exceed 80% of the rating of fuses employed in other than motor circuits. Non-fusible switches are 100% continuous duty rated
  • Triple padlocking capability. Two on door and up to three 3/8” shank locks in ‘OFF’ (centre) handle position. Special modification available for locking in ‘ON’ position


Voltage Ratings (AC/DC): 240V/250V No. of Poles: 2 Phase/Wires: 1 Phase 2 Wire Ampere Rating: 100Amp Horsepower Rating: 20 HP at 240VAC 1PH, 20 HP at 250VDC Fusible - Non-Fusible: Non-Fusible Enclosure Rating: NEMA 1 EATON SWITCHING DEVICES CATALOG