Eaton 100Amp 30CCT 120/208V 3PH Push-In Combination

Vaughan Electric Supply

Designed for the protection and distribution of single and multi-dwelling residential and light commercial loads to 120/240 volts AC, such as lighting, heating, appliance and small motor branch circuits.


  • Adjustable trim for convenient flush leveling.
  • 200 A commercial grade main breaker designed for straight-in wiring— horizontally operated for top feed without modification. 100 A models utilize a reverse fed branch circuit breaker and hold down kit.
  • Single piece, formed, plated aluminum busbar provides superior conductivity.
  • Maximum wiring space.
  • Includes tangential knockouts in top and bottom box ends.
  • Six mounting holes 3 top, 3 bottom for ease of installation in either vertical, horizontal or inverted positions.
  • Neutral bonding strap.
  • Twin neutral design which reduces wire way congestion, provides for easier wiring and load balancing. I-beam design for improved durability, backed out screws for ease of installation.


No. of Circuit: 30 Circuit Voltage: 120/208V Enclosure: NEMA Type 1 Enclosure Cover: Flush/Surface Phase/Wire: 3PH 4Wire Main Breaker Amp: 100 Maximum Ampere: 125Amp Branch Circuit Breaker: Plug-In Type: Combination, Main Circuit Breaker Bussing: Aluminum Bus EATON 3CPM130 SPECIFICATION SHEET EATON CPM/CPL PLUG IN LOADCENTRE PRODUCT GUIDE