Eaton 1P 120V 20A Bolt-On Old Style Commander

Vaughan Electric Supply

Bolt-on Type QBH

  • 120/240 Vac
  • 3/4-inch form factor
  • Designed to fit the classic CEB, Sylvania or Commander Electric design bolt-on loadcentres
  • Suitable for loadcentres, lighting and distribution panelboards, and meter centres
  • Silver Tungsten contacts with wiping action to prevent carbon buildup on the contact surface
  • Handle provides clear indication of ON/OFF/TRIPPED position
  • Quick-make / quick-break mechanism provides tease-proof operation
  • Internal common trip mechanism on two-pole circuit breakers
  • Each breaker is electronically calibrated for 40 °C
  • Compression moulded housing and handle for durability and service


Amperage Rating: 20A Interrupt Rating: 10 kAIC Number Of Poles: Single-pole Voltage Rating: 120V Wire Size: #14-10 AWG Cu or #12-10 AWG Al Dimensions: 3.5" x 3" x 1" Weight: 0.25 LB EATON QBH20 CIRCUIT BREAKER SPECIFICATION SHEET REPLACEMENT CLASSIC CIRCUIT BREAKERS CATALOG