Eaton 1P 15Amp Arc Fault Push In Short Breaker

Vaughan Electric Supply

A combination type arc fault circuit interrupter is a device that includes all of the protection offered by the branch feeder AFCI (mitigation of high current arcing faults in the complete circuit, including connected cords). In addition it provides direct detection of persistent low current arcing faults down to 5 amps with associated mitigation of fire hazards in the cords connected to the outlets. High current arcing faults can occur from line to neutral or line to ground. These arcing faults are in parallel with the load and produce the most energy of all arcing faults. The current level of low current arcing faults is limited by the load.


  • Type: BRC 1-Inch Combination AFCI Circuit Breaker
  • Special Features: Arc fault
  • Amperage Rating: 15A
  • Interrupt Rating: 10 kAIC
  • Number Of Poles: Single-pole
  • Voltage Rating: 120V
  • Main Circuit Breaker: BR
  • Trip Type: Common
  • Wire Size: #14-4 AWG Cu/Al
  • Used With: Type BR Loadcenters