Eaton 200Amp 600V Nema 3R HD Non-Fusible Switch

Vaughan Electrical Supply

For light to heavy commercial and industrial applications. Main service entrance, branch and motor circuit protection, disconnecting or transferring to alternate power source. Where reliable performance and service continuity are critical.


  • 30–1200A
  • Horsepower rated
  • Visible double-break quickmake, quick-break rotary blade mechanism.
  • Triple padlocking capability. Personnel safety feature since the large hasp can accommodate up to three 3/8-inch (9.5 mm) shank locks. Cabinet door can be further padlocked at the top and bottom.
  • Interlocking mechanism.
  • Deionizing arc chutes.
  • Mechanically interlocked cover to prevent easy access when the switch is in the ON position.
  • Clear line shield with probe holes.
  • Tangential knockouts on Type 1 and Type 3R enclosures through 200A.
  • Provide easy removal of fuses.


Voltage Ratings: 600Vac No. of Poles: 3 Phase/Wire: 3 PH 3 Wire Ampere Rating: 200Amp Fusible – Non-Fusible: Non-Fusible Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3R Enclosure Disc Operation: Single Throw EATON SWITCHING DEVICES CATALOG