Ferraz Shawmut Fuse TRS 10A, 600V LONG

Supply Expert Inc


  • Optional solid state SmartSpot blown fuse indicator
  • Time-delay for motor start-ups and transformer inrush currents without nuisance opening
  • Current-limiting for low peak let-thru current
  • Rejection-style design prevents replacement errors (when used with recommended fuse blocks)
  • Easy-to-read label for quick brand recognition and replacement
  • Metal-embossed date and catalog number for traceability and lasting identification
  • Fiberglass body provides dimensional stability in harsh industrial settings
  • High-grade silica filler ensures fast arc quenching and high current limitation
  • Used for: • Motor circuits • Mains • Feeders • Branch circuits • Transformers • Service entrance equipment • General-purpose equipment


Amperage Rating : 10 A Voltage Rating :600VAC : 600VDC (.1-12A; 70-600A) : 300VDC (15-60A) Interrupt Rating : 200kA I.R. AC / 20kA I.R. DC SPECIFICATION SHEET