Hubbell 120/277VAC 60HZ Switches and Lighting Controls

Supply Expert Inc


  • Automatic ON operation
  • Automatic Voltage Detection eliminates the need for specialized wiring
  • Zero Arc Point Switching Minimizes relay contact
  • Easily mounts inside or outside a junction box or inside a fluorescent fixture ballast cavity.
  • Plenum rated


Application: For Use with 24V DC Sensors Color: Black Control Output: Relay Contacts Environmental Conditions: Indoor Dry Unless Protected By Additional Means Humidity: 0% to 95% non-condensing relative humidity Item Type: Control Unit Load Capacity: Incandescent- 0 to 1800 Watts120V Ballast- 0 to 2400 Watts277V Ballast- 0 to 5540 Watts Material: Thermoplastic Material - Mounting Hardware: Screw Mounting Operating Cycles: 6,000 Cycles Minimum Operating Temperature: 32 Deg F to 104 Deg F (0 Deg C to 40 Deg C) Storage Temperature Range: -20°F to 150°F (-29°C to 65°C) Style: Control Units Height: 1.36 in Length: 3.69 in Width: 2.33 in HUBBELL CU300A DATASHEET