Hubbell Device Box 2X3X2.5IN LHP

Supply Expert Inc

The PRESTO™ cable clamp for tradeSELECT™ metal device boxes. This patented self-gripping cable clamp removes any risk of arc fault or short circuit produced by over-tightening clamp screws. Additionally, the clamp design improves the speed and ease of installation.


  • Eliminates short circuits and arc faults caused by over tightening of metal clamps.
  • Ergonomic benefits - less tools to carry
  • The PRESTO™ clamps are made of engineered resin, tested and approved to perform in cold temperatures
  • Re-usable clamps - Cables can be pulled out of the box, by lifting the interior tab of the clamp with pliers and pulling out the cable at the same time
  • A provisional hole allows screwing a Universal metal clamp in the box, if the PRESTO™ clamp is removed
  • Flexible application