Hubbell SPD Block, 100KA, 600V Delta

Supply Expert Inc


  • 100,000 Peak Amperage Capacity
  • Ideal for areas where space is a major consideration
  • Can be mounted directly to the panel through a chase nipple connection to reduce lead length and impedance


Application: Surface Mount Brick with Leads Environmental Conditions: Indoor and Outdoor Indicator(s) Type: Green Status LED, Audible Alarm Item Type: Wired-In Branch Panel Protection Material: Steel Material - Mounting Hardware: Mounting Screws OEM Brand Name: Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems Operating Temperature: -40 Degrees F to 149 Degrees F (-40 C to 65 C) Response Time: 5 Series: Wired-In Panels Type: 100kA Display Size: 100kA Peak Connectivity: Leads Frequency Rating: 60 Hz Phase: Three Phase Voltage Rating: Delta 600 VAC Voltage Rating Description: 600 VAC Delta HUBBELL HBL10W100C DATASHEET