Ideal 10-Circuit 22-14 AWG Terminal Strip

Supply Expert Inc


  • Heavy‑duty, Corrosion‑resistant Screws, Surface Plates and Optional Hardware
  • Accessory Hardware Provides a Variety of Termination Options
  • Available Cover Helps Prevent Contact with Live Terminals
  • Rugged Polyester Thermoplastic Base
  • Operating Temperature Rated from 130°C (260°F) to ‑40°C (‑40°F)


Item Number: 89-310 Brand: Ideal Industries Series: 89-terminal Number of Poles: 10 UL Current: 30 Amps CSA Current: 30 Amps Spacing Ctr. - Ctr.: 9.52 MilliMeters H x W x D: .7 in x 1.9 in x 7.9 in Net Weight: 2.944 OZ IDEAL 89-310 CATALOG