Kohler Oil Pan Heater 150W 110-120V

Supply Expert Inc

The oil pan heater kit warms the oil pan making starting easier and warmup quicker. This is recommended in climates where the temperature falls below 0C (32F). The oil pan heater kit adheres to the surface on the bottom of the oil pan and turns on when the temperature at the thermostat falls below approximately 4C (40F) and turns off when the temperature rises above approximately 16C (60F).


  • Provides an extra degree of weather protection
  • Keeps a generator performing in harsh conditions
  • Available for 120 VAC and 240 VAC
It requires a continuous source of AC power. The generator set must be connected to an AC power source that is backed up by the generator set. At temperatures below -18C (0F), installation of both an oil pan heater and an engine block heater is recommended. OIL PAN HEATER KIT SPECIFICATION SHEET