Lutron 120V 1P Multi-Location Timer (White)

Supply Expert Inc

Maestro Timer is a single pole or multi-location timer with 120V; max ratings are 5A lighting or 3A fan.


  • Use with lighting, exhaust fans to reduce moisture, mold, and mildew in bathrooms and kitchens
  • Tap on to start timer; tap off
  • Tap twice for untimed on
  • Touch rocker to adjust countdown time
  • Top LED is full on with no timer action
  • One minute warning before fan or lights go off
  • Neutral required


Color: White Finish: Gloss Location: Single Pole/Multi-location Neutral: Required Capacity: 600 W/VA (5A) Load Type: On/Off Lighting Load (Incandescent/Halogen, MLV, ELV, Fluorescent) OR 3A General Purpose Fan MAESTRO COUNTDOWN TIMER SWITCH CATALOG MAESTRO COUNTDOWN TIMER INSTALLATION GUIDE