Maestro C.L WH-S.P 3 Way 150W LED/ 600W

Supply Expert Inc

Bring technology and style to your home with the Lutron Maestro C.L Dimmer. The innovative digital dimmer is compatible with today's dimmable bulb types - DIMMABLE CFLs and LEDs plus all halogen and incandescent bulbs. The dimmer gradually turns lights on and off, allowing your eyes to adjust to the new light level. Use the rocker to adjust the light level for any activity, or set the preset level to ensure lights always turn on to your desired light level. Additional features include delayed fade to off, which allows time to exit a room or to get into bed before the lights turn off. Installing the Maestro C.L is simple and quick, and is perfect for any room in the home. It also coordinates with the entire Maestro family of controls including dimmers, switches, occupancy sensors and more. Coordinating Claro wall plate is sold separately

  1. Works with up to 150-Watts of most dimmable LED and CFL bulbs or 600 Watts of Incandescent Halogen bulbs
  1. For use in single-pole, 3-way, or multi-location dimming applications
  1. Works with a mixed load of bulbs (ex. dimmable LED and halogen)
  1. Multi-location dimming from up to 10 total locations with Maestro companion dimmers
  1. Also works with a traditional 3-way switch for lights that are controlled from 2 locations
  1. Delayed fade-to-off allows time to exit a room before lights turn off