NMD90 3/3-CUT

Supply Expert Inc


  • Maximum Conductivity – NUAL Brand compact aluminum alloy conductors carry twice the current per kilogram as equivalent copper conductors
  • Reliable Termination – NUAL Brand conductors terminate safely with industry standard dual-rated aluminum lugs
  • Exceptional Insulation – The cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE) insulation on the NUAL Brand conductors is rated for operating temperatures of -40ºC to +90 ºC and offers a higher maximum short-circuit temperature rating than thermoplastic insulation. It is sunlight and moisture resistant
  • Easy to Install – NUAL Brand conductors are light weight for easier lifting and handling with 25% more flexibility and 0% less springback than copper conductors of equal ampacity
  • Heavy metals free* insulation is RoHS compliant and environmentally sustainable while providing excellent long-term performance


Material: Copper Conductor Conductor Insulation: R90 Xlpe Conductor Insulation No. Of Conductors / Pairs Etc.: 3 Conductor Plus Bonding Wire Put-up: Reel Cable Size (Awg) Or Capacity: #3 Awg Max Operating Temp Or Psi: 90 Deg. C Max. Min Operating Temp Or Psi: Minus 10 Deg. C Min. Colour: White Description: Non-metallic Sheathed Cable For Dry Locations Voltage: 300vac Stranding: 7 Strand Jacketing: Moisture Resistant & Flame Retardant Pvc Jacket NMD90 3/3 DATASHEET