Nuheat Mesh 120V

Supply Expert Inc

Nuheat Mesh is best suited for square and rectangular shaped areas where some on-site flexibility is needed. The heating wire is attached to a roll of adhesive mesh material. During installation, the “roll” can be cut, turned, and adhered to the subfloor to provide floor heat in the desired areas of the room. Nuheat Mesh kits comes in 32 sizes. Choose the mesh kit that is best suited for the size of the room/area and configure on-site to provide floor heat in the desired areas of the room INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS DATA SHEET
  • Material:Two single conductor Tefzel-coated resistance wires covered by a tin-plated copper braid and then coated with a durable copolymer (PVC) outer jacket. Heating cable is attached to a self-adhesive fiberglass mesh material
  • Operating Voltage:120 V, 208 V
  • Power Output:12 watts per square foot (9 watts per square foot @ 208 V)
  • Minimum Bending Radius:0.5 in (12 mm)
  • Minimum Cable Spacing:3 in (80 mm)
  • Maximum Continuous Exposure Temperature:194°F (90°C)
  • Minimum Installation Temperature:50°F (10°C)
  • Heating Cable:2-wire, grounded, twisted pair with PVC outer jacket
  • Cold Lead:2-wire, 18 AWG plus ground braid layer; 10 ft (3m) length