Ovid FASTI Slim Light

Vaughan Electrical Supply

The Fasti is high in color quality with a 90+ CRI, while being quick to install down light. No housing required and only 1/2" thick, ideal for shallow ceiling and worry free duct or joist spaces. Utilizing Ovid High Color Rendering for true color, you can now not only get light to difficult areas but without sacrifing color quality so spaces still look great. Airtight for direct contact with insulation. Fasti is fast and easy, driver is included.


Color: White Wattage: 9W Lumens: 550 Dimming: Yes CRI: 90 CCT with Softglow: 3000°K dim to 2200°K 4000°K dim to 3200°K Projected Life: 70% @ 50,000 hrs FASTI SLIM LIGHT DATASHEET