Ovid MONTIS Surface Slim Light

Supply Expert Inc


  • With one piece plastic flange. Powder coated non yellowing white or aluminum.
  • Anti-glare lens allowing for smooth, comfortable light pattern.
  • Power Supply: Integrated DOB (Driver on Board) design to save space for thin box.
  • Expected lifetime 50,000 hours


Input Voltage: 120V Input Frequency: 50/60Hz Power Factor: >0.9 Max. THD: <15% Minimum Operating Temperature: -20C 5" Slim Light: > Lumen Output: 600Lm > Max. Input Current: 0.08A > Max. Input Power: 10W 7" Slim Light: > Lumen Output: 900Lm > Max. Input Current: 0.13A > Max. Input Power: 15W MONTIS SLIM LIGHT DATASHEET