Ovid Sulmo-Ray

Supply Expert Inc

Sulmo-Ray is a recessed 3 1/2” regressed LED with integral driver in connection box. Fits where no other recessed fixture can. Unique Design with interchangeable optics 25 degrees and 35 degrees. High colour rendering technology. Provides no glare, architectural lighting. High candle power light punch. Soft glow technology creates an exciting experience for dimming LED. Soft glow lets you go from bright functional lighting to warm light.


3” Thin Type IC Rated Easy Installation Driver Inside Connection Box Directional Beam 90 CRI - true colour rendering Closer spectral distribution to incandescent lamps 3.5” Regressed - 11W, 90 CRI, 900 Lumens, 2 Lens options 25 or 36 degrees SULMO RAY DATASHEET