Vaughan Electric Supply

  • Perfect anywhere you’d like to hide outlets when not in use and enjoy the additional capabilities of three plugs when they are.
  • The adorne Pop-Out Outlet features three plugs for added power and disappears into the wall with a simple push when not needed.
  • This 2-gang version allows for pairing with another adorne switch, dimmer or outlet.
  • With a patented shutter system, plugs are tamper-resistant to keep children protected.
  • This item is also available in a 1-Gang 15A or 1-Gang 20A option.
  • This item is available in white and magnesium.
GETTING STARTED • Time to install: 15 minutes or less. • The Pop-Out Outlet comes with a special frame for mounting and requires a deep electrical outlet (22.5 cubic inches). It does not require new wires for typical installation. • Innovative snap-in system ensures easy installation. • This item requires an adorne Wall Plate. Shop now to choose from dozens of finishes including a variety of luxurious metals, or order in your own custom finish.
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