Roll over for zoom CHOOSE A COLOR 5.1A USB Type A/Type-C Wall Outlet Charger with 15A Tamper-Resistant Outlet

Supply Expert Inc

15 Amp, 125 Volt, Decora Tamper-Resistant Outlet. NEMA 5-15R, 25+W (5.1 Amp), Type A and Type-C USB In Wall Charger, Grounding, Side Wired & Back Wired - White

  • SMART – Built-in smart chip recognizes the individual device’s charging requirements to optimize the charge (Does not provide Power Delivery. See Leviton T5635)
  • POWERFUL - Two high-powered charging ports deliver a combined total of 5.1A charging current and 25+ watts of power 
  • CONVENIENT – No more searching for charging adapters! Upgrade so you can charge electronics leaving the outlets free for additional power needs   
  • THE FUTURE OF CHARGING – USB Type-C provides faster charging and is emerging as the standard port on many phones, tablets and laptops
  • ENHANCED SAFETY – Built-in overcurrent protection helps protect electronics from receiving too much power, which can damage the device

UPC Code: 078477841273
Country Of Origin: China
NEMA: 5-15R