Siemens Plug-In 20A AFCI/GFCI Dual Function

Supply Expert Inc

The dual function circuit breaker combines GFCI and AFCI, protecting against both arc faults and ground Faults. This, along with the new self test and lockout feature, makes it the first in class in electrical safety for homeowners.


  • Long-time and instantaneous trip functions
  • Fast installation and easier to install one device than two
  • Cost savings and lower cost than purchasing both a GFCI and AFCI
  • Smaller device and combines two state-of-the art technologies into one small device
  • Self test and lockout feature
  • Trips and locks the device when protection has been compromised
  • Combination arc fault circuit interrupter and class A 5 mA ground fault circuit interrupter


Amperage Rating: 20Amp No. of Poles: 1 Phase: 1 Frame: QFGA2 Interrupt Rating: 10kA Trip Type: Thermal Magnetic SIEMENS CIRCUIT BREAKERS CATALOG