Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat 120/240V with GFCI

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Touch Screen Programmable Thermostat 120/240V with GFCI


  • PROGRAMABLE: 7-day schedule programming electric floor heating thermostat. The weekly program runs in 4 or 2 stages per day, 7 days a week. Setpoint range: +5 to +40°C / +41 to +104°F
  • ETL approved, Advanced Dual Voltage 120/240V 50/60 Hz with built-in Class A GFCI (5 mA trip level) and GFCI test function (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) protection that protects people from electric shock. It is very important to check whether the GFCI function is normal or not every month based on the manual.
  • Easy installation to control your floor heating system(s) up to 15A. Can be used to control the electric floor heating, heating cable, heating film, heating mat, electrical heater, etc.
  • Three sensor applications are available: Room: Controls room temperature based solely on built-in sensors. Floor: Controls the floor temperature based solely on the floor sensor. Room.Limit: Controls the room temperature based on the built-in sensor while monitoring the floor temperature not to exceed the upper limit.
  • ET-72G is a Non-WIFI version and ET-72GW is a WIFI version.



  • Supply voltage: 120/240V 50-60Hz
  • Maximum switching current: 15A
  • GFCI: Class A (5 mA trip level)
  • Temperature setting range: +5 to +45°C / +41 to +113°F
  • Setpoint range +5 to +40°C / +41 to +104°F