Type QP Surge Protection Circuit Breaker

Supply Expert Inc

Features & Benefits:

  • 2 inch wide plug-on design 
  • Includes (2) 1 Pole circuits breakers and therefore there is no loss of load center spaces
  • Easy to install and perfect for retrofit
  • LEDs provide protection status


  • Two green LED indicator lights are provided to show that surge protection is provided for all circuits connected to the panelboard. As a Siemens exclusive feature, the device notifies the owner of loss of surge protection by tripping one or both of the circuit breakers. These breakers should be used for circuit protection of frequently used household or facility circuits because the lights and devices connected to these circuits provide an effective indication that surge protection is being provided.
  • If one or both of the circuit breakers have tripped, turn both circuit breakers to the "OFF" then "ON" position. If either light is not illuminated, the device may still be used for circuit protection, but surge protection is no longer provided and the device should be replaced by a qualified electrician.
  • The circuit breaker and SPD utilize Siemens-built 150V AC, 40mm, metal oxide varistors (MOVs). The maximum impulse rating for the SPD module is 40kA. The standard interrupting rating for the circuit breakers is 10k AIC. The circuit breakers are SWD and HACR rated.
    -All Type QP circuit breakers and SPD are plug-on style, with load terminals provided. The devices are rated for 120/240V AC and are calibrated for 40 degrees C maximum ambient applications.

Limit warranty - $20,000 warranty program

Whether you’re an electrical contractor or a homeowner, there is a certain high level of quality you expect from residential circuit protection components.  With the Circuit Breaker and Surge Protective Device (SPD) Limited Warranty, we want to translate your expectations into absolute confidence in the Siemens products you purchase and install.

Please contact the Siemens Industry Customer Care Center at 800-333-7421 to open a service request to start your claim process.