Warmth Floor Heating Thermostat

Supply Expert Inc

It is a programmable floor heating thermostat with GFCI function, which can provide great comfort and energy saving, As well as the better safety,main application is used for electrical heating systems.


Operation voltage:120/240VAC 60HZ Maximum Load:240VAC 15A Room temperature limit:41℉~95℉ Floor temperature limit:32℉~104℉ Ambient temperature-operation:32℉~122℉ Ambient temperature-transport:14℉~140℉ Accuracy:±1℉ Dimensions:4.72(L)x2.95(W)x2.15(H)inches Color:White IP class:20 WARMTH THERMOSTAT CATALOG [embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nGzmP_u1F5s[/embed]