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USAGE • Perfect anywhere you’d like to combine Wi-Fi-Ready lighting control with whisper-soft motion to dim and brighten lights. • The Whisper Wi-Fi Ready Remote Dimmer is a programmable light switch and dimmer combination that pairs with the adorne Hub and the Whisper Wi-Fi Ready Master Dimmer to create smart lighting solutions for your home. • Turn lights on and off or dim with whisper-soft motion – or create custom lighting settings to control lights from your smartphone or tablet via the Legrand Lighting Control app. •Compatible with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa • This item is also available in white.
  • Time to install: 25 minutes or less.
  • The Whisper Wi-Fi Ready Remote Dimmer lets you control a light from a new location without running new wires. Simply install and pair with a Whisper Wi-Fi Ready Master Dimmer via the easy-to-follow instructions.
  • This item is meant to be paired with the Whisper Wi-Fi Ready Master Dimmer, which installs directly to the light. Together they allow for customizable control of a single lighting source from two locations or from your smartphone.
  • The Legrand Lighting Control app is available for free on iTunes and Google Play.
  • This item requires the adorne Hub. Shop now to learn how Wi-Fi lighting solutions can transform your home.
  • This item requires an adorne Wall Plate. Shop now to choose from dozens of finishes including a variety of luxurious metals, or order in your own custom finish.
  • Looking to integrate other party advanced automation systems? Visit our partners page.